Big Danged Boats for HISTORICON, 2013 Game Camp

Big Danged Boats for HISTORICON, 2013 Game Camp

The Dwarven Stealth Ships are taking shape on the table now. Plunger (in the foreground) and Von Ripper (background). These are based on Old Glory/Merrimac 15mm Civil War ships “David” and “Hunley“. The Von Ripper has had a saw blade added forward, and artillery platforms for a light gun (forward facing, fixed) and heavy gun (can rotate, stern). the only other mod for the Von Ripper will be to build up the decking so the crossbowmen can fire over the gunnels. The Von Ripper has a Ram Factor of 3, a light and heavy gun that require at least three figures to man them, initial powder of 3 barrels. Crew : undecided, but likely 5 crossbowmen and 5 melee, plus 1 leader. The Plunger is designed from a famous Confederate submarine hull from the Civil War, and the model has a spar torpedo, which is a technology application I’m carrying over into BDB. The Plunger is designed to attack with spar torpedoes (3 at start), Ram factor 0, crew of 3 and possibly 6 melee troops for boarding. Little or no conversion here– I love this model. I will add two stealth tokens (an idea I got from Uncharted Seas) to represent where the sub *might* be when submerged. This is a stealth boat and operates with a crew hand cranking it. It can’t stay down forever because the air grows foul in the hull over time (just like the historical Hunley), so that’s part of the mechanics.

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  1. I’m signing up to play as soon as it’s posted in the Historicon PEL!