The Stalker (1979)

Years after SOLARIS, Russian filmmaker Andrey Tarkovskiy ventured into an almost Lovecraftian mode of storytelling with the little known movie THE STALKER. I just heard about it on Lovecraft Zine. One of the nicer bits about the Youtube boom is that I’m discovering full length movies cropping up now and then (especially ones in foreign languages, which is just ducky with me). Here, then, is Andrey Tarkovskiy’s THE STALKER, in two parts, courtesy of Youtube.

Part 1

Part 2


2 responses to “The Stalker (1979)

  1. My son spent a lot of time playing the video game of the same name based on this – it’s not your typical FPS as you often avoid combat (though you do have to kill a lot of mutant animals sneaking up on you) and there is a premium on being quiet and observant, and trading for things. It was designed by Russians so he even learned a little bit of the language – he asked for a Russian-English dictionary so he could puzzle out the menus! I think there is an English version now though.

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