Mongoose Publishing, you are SO cheeky!

There’s some vague hints of an Ipad app coming soon from no less than Mongoose Publishing, the folks who did Starship Troopers and Judge Dredd Miniatures games. I like them for a robust set of naval rules they publish called Victory at Sea. VaS is a very straightforward set of naval rules that models WWII naval combat in all theaters (with a separately published WWI variant).

Well, it had to happen.. they just released a statement about an impending Kickstarter for Victory at Sea for the Ipad. The developer is going to be a company I haven’t heard of called iEvilGames. iEvilGames is a UK company whose output so far appears to be cutesy Anime style games, a resume that should fill a hardcore naval gamer with dread. Still, one must hope. There’s not much written anywhere about what the app will look like or is supposed to do. Will it play an arcade version of WWII Naval combat? Will it be a helper app for the Miniatures game. Will it be some bastardized arcade version of Naval Combat that entered into a pact with the folks at Mongoose to use their miniature game’s name? It’s hard to say at this point in the process. We’ll see more once the Kickstarter Kicks Off.

The iEvilGames website isn’t revealing much:

What is Victory at Sea?

VICTORY AT SEA is a naval combat game for iOS and Android where players take command of fleets in a desperate attempt to win the overall victory in World War 2.

Navigate your fleets around the Atlantic, Pacific and the Mediterranean theatres of war and engage in real time epic naval combat. Victory at Sea combines a simple touch control system with a large and detailed campaign that contains vast numbers of historically accurate ship variants, the likes of which have never been seen before on a mobile device. Victory at Sea will be easy to play but difficult to master and will be one of the largest and most engaging war combat games ever.

Our team here at Evil Twin Artworks have been developing games for mobile devices since the beginning of the app store. We are gamers with a penchant for strategic games and are disappointed with the current lack of in depth games in this genre on mobile devices. We want Victory at Sea to become the massive, immersive combat game all mobile devices deserve, taking full advantage of it’s intuitive touch control system.

Victory at Sea is a highly successful table top game made by Mongoose Publishing, the company behind the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game, A Call to Arms: Star Fleet and Babylon 5: A Call to Arms games. The mobile game will encapsulate the vast amounts of information behind the table top game which will create a massive video game. The iOS / Android versions will also inherit the fast flowing rules that allows novices and veteran gamers alike to enjoy recreating the epic struggles between the mighty fleets of the era.

Couple things jump out here. Real Time. Massive and Immersive. That hints at real time play on a massive scale. Hard to say. If I can see more about what their intentions are, I’ll know if I want to fund it or not. It could be the second miniatures game helper app to get published (after Ironclads). That’s an exciting idea.

So far, the graphics are not wowing me.

I am intrigued enough to check back. Victory at Sea is my favorite game from Mongoose.


4 responses to “Mongoose Publishing, you are SO cheeky!

  1. Uh, OK. WWII ships firing at extremely close range. And they have shields! And they’re coal-powered! And they’ve dropped an S from the ship designation!

    Not promising.

    • It’s good to hear your comments! It is an early graphics test as we want to get the mechanics just right. We are getting in dedicated teams of VAS and wargaming fans to help us make this right as we don’t want to make it inaccurate in any way. I can see how you think they have shields, and are coal powered but they are first tests as particle explosions, when you see them in video in context the smoke is actually from fires burning and the shield is a brief shockwave from an explosion. But those and the close range battle are a bit of artistic license for getting in up close on a couple of the ships for pictures. We are always up for feedback if you do want to get involved and already have a lot of people wanting it to be just right.

  2. Given their other game output, they are a puzzling choice for a developer of a miniature Wargame. I remain unconvinced until I see something that actually works.

    • I think because at heart we are hardcore wargamers, who given the chance (Which we finally have!) would only make games like this. It’s great Mongoose have given us this chance and don’t worry about the graphics they are the early development tests and are already being improved as we speak 😉