Leviathans (not THOSE Leviathans) coming soon to a portable device near you

LEVIATHAN: WARSHIPS from Paradox Interactive (not to be confused with the flying battleship Leviathans from Catalyst Game Labs) was announced earlier this year and has a launch date of 30 April this year. Leviathan Warhsips appears to be a semi-real time naval combat game set in a kinda-sorta Edwardian universe. This doesn’t appear to be a very deep game, but there are elements I’m liking from the limited information that has been released so far. The fleets are customizable, if somewhat cartoony and corny looking.

Fire! Fire! Fire!

Engage! Engage! Engage!

Secondly, this isn’t just an arcade game, though it might look like one at first glance. Everything I’m seeing appears to indicate that there IS a combat system at work here, and it makes consistent and logical sense. For instance, check out the damage display:

Damage boxes, eh? Reminds you of.. oh, I dunno, pretty much any naval wargame I’ve ever played with miniatures?

That’s not a “my ship took ten hit points, therefore it sinks” kind of damage model. It’s still fairly simple-looking, but there’s some thought beind shown here. I’m intrigued.

Best of all, There appears to be some thought put into the firing model. Shots get fired and don’t hit. Ships fire and the shot gets blocked by terrain or they fall short. Ships can’t seem to fire at what they can’t see. Check out the following two Youtube videos displaying the review version of the software.


The ships in these examples aren’t violating basic physics. They aren’t zipping around like hydrofoils.. they are big lumbering beasts who actually have to maneuver to bring guns to bear. That’s pretty hopeful. I still see the AI doing a few stupid things, but the overall game appears to be somewhat on target with how naval gunfire from the early 20th century ought to look like.

So, yeah, I’m intrigued. I here this will be a cross-platform release, and it might be out for the Ipad at the same time as everything else, including Windows. I hope there’s some form of online play or sequential PBeM play being developed.

I’ll know more when on April 30th!


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  1. Intriguing. I will give it a look. Thanks.