Get Bit! at Victory Comics

Get Bit! 3rd US edition

Garrett and I try GET BIT by Mayday Games (Fourth US edition).  GET BIT is a fun little game of robots and sharks swimming in the water, and I discovered it via this episode of TABLETOP, by Wil Wheaton.   I was glad to see the game got reprinted on the strength of that episode, or I would have never got my greedy paws on it.

The game reminded me strongly of a racing game called FORMULA MOTOR RACING published by 1995. Like the racing cars in that game, the robots line up in a line and position changes as a result of card play. Formula Motor Racing has a few more options but the experience is similar– in the case of GET BIT, you want to play the lowest card combination to be the first (unbit) robot in the line of swimmers. Since you only have a finite amount of cards (1-7 for more than 4 players, 1-5 for less than 4) that can get to be fairly problematic– to play effectively, you need to guess when to play the high and low cards, based on what you’ve seen your opponents do. Not something that would give Aristotle nightmares but a fun little game!

The verdict is positive, we both enjoyed GET BIT, quite a bit.  It has its silly moments but this isn’t a mindless luck game by a long shot.  There’s strategy, and memory, and guesswork involved if you want to play well.  Enjoy!


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