HISTORICON 2013 Painting Contest Press Release

Wargames Illustrated presents
The HISTORICON™ Painting Competition
Press Release: Baltimore, MD – 25 March, 2013

As wargamers, we all love to see fantastic wargaming tables and beautiful wargaming armies, but we also love to look at wonderfully painted toy soldiers for hours on end. Over recent years, the constantly increasing priority workload of the Hobby University team at HISTORICON™ has meant that the painting competition has not been able to receive the attention it deserves. By adding the driving force of Wargames Illustrated – the world’s premier wargaming magazine, to the event, we are excited to have the opportunity to build the competition into a great competition that will encourage hundreds of aspiring painters to keep improving their skills, and inspire thousands of wargamers to new and exciting projects we can all enjoy!

The HISTORICON™ Painting Competition will be hosted on Saturday, 20 July, 2013, as part of the largest historical wargaming convention in the US – HISTORICON™ (www.historicon.org) – held again this year in Fredericksburg, VA (18-21 July, 2013).

Historicon Painting Contest Flyer, run by WARGAMES ILLUSTRATED

Historicon Painting Contest Flyer, run by WARGAMES ILLUSTRATED. Click to embiggen.


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