Apr 13 Metagaming Microgames Word Search Puzzle

Way back in 2004, Stephen Beale, Tom Higgins, Gottardo Zancani and myself published a tiny zine effort called COUNTERMOVES. Countermoves was open source, laid back, and free. We lasted two volumes and about 8 issues all told. We tried to support at least one game an issue. I often added puzzle elements to an issue, as an extra, and recently I discovered an oldie but a goodie.

Metagaming Word Search Puzzle
Metagaming Word Search Puzzle

This is a standard Word Search puzzle much like ones you have seen before. The Answers are all game titles from metagaming concepts, an old microgame publisher that thrived from ’79 to ’82 in the late 20th century. You may want to check out the MICROGAMES tab on this blog for hints and direction… I reviewed each and every one of the metagame micros at some point in the distant past. You also might want to check out the BGG Listing for Metagames.

Access the puzzle HERE.

I know this is going to the extreme far end of the rack, but there was a time when this stuff was important to me. Enjoy!!!

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  1. Still important to me – I liked those games! I liked Countermoves, and contributed to it too. And I liked your series of Microgame reviews very much.

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