15mm SF update: Earth Force painting, Scenics acquired

So, my latest addiction is 15mm SF, as you can see by prior postings. My intention is to build a small mixed tech/medium tech village inhabited by farmers and miners, with a central administration building and a few outlying higher tech structures, then a hodgepodge collection of structures built out of whatever material is close to hand. My vision is that shipping containers would get a lot of reuse as structures, as well as a few mud huts (with high tech add ons like satellite dishes). As there is a distinct rebellious and religious element in the populace of the campaign I’m developing, I’m adding MBA’s 15mm mosque and maybe a few Mediterranean 15mm buildings. I’ve also added Blue Moon’s higher tech buildings (two of them) as the central complex. The rest of the structures are going to be kitbashed out of electrical utility boxes (about a dollar each), pencil boxes, and Papier-mâché style craft boxes from arts and craft stores. Since the colony does skirmish with native fauna on occassion there are some defense pillboxes on the perimeter near the agriculture fields to keep larger predators away. Other than that what troops there are are ad hoc levy types. I haven’t bought and painted them yet but I’m contemplating the Sahad by Rebel Miniatures. They match the arid landscape I’m creating. This week I painted most of the Earth Force group I’m using as the attacking force (well, base coat, anyway… pictures when they are done and I’m not too embarassed to show them). Overall color scheme is dark olive uniform with light grey highlights, black leather boots and gloves, green helmet and black googles. Support weapons get a blue helmet and armored troops metallic gunmetal shoulder and helmet pieces. Command/squad leader types will get some form of insignia.

Two great low cost finds this week:

A relatively modern looking Elevated Water tank for the settlement from Rix Products:

Rix Modern Elevated Tank

Water collection and storage would be one of those important tasks for my fictional settlement, and I can see this as being a victory objective for the attacking force. I could have gone with a HO scaled water tank with the classical cone top, but this strikes me as looking more science-fictional. Pretty cheap, too, I got it for about 8 bucks on Ebay.

Alternative energy sources:

The settlement would be challenged in its early years to create power cheaply and efficiently. There probably would be a range of technologies in evidence that seem positively 20th century for a SF setting, but if you think on it, they probably would be the easiest and most cost effective choices available for a struggling colony. Using that assumption as a baseline, I went with a lot of wind turbines and solar panels to generate basic electricity, supplemented with methane collecting and burning, water wheels, etc. I don’t want to go TOO deep in the weeds here so I’m representing the basic concept of homegrown power by adding a forest of wind turbines and solar panels. My go-to set is from Woodland Scenics Scene-a-Rama Alternative Energy Scene Setters (item WLS-4348). These are about 10 bucks from Woodland Scenics and you get two solar panels (for rooftops) and two wind turbines with each kit. I ordered 3, for 7 each, from Ebay.

Woodland Scenics Scen-a-rama Alternative Energy set

These scale very well against 15mm scale buildings.

I also picked up 3 OKI Wind Power Turbines. They are constructed for 6mm SF sets but scale very nicely to 15mm:

All this extra detail (alternative energy, water storage, soon– agrictulral plots) may seem extraneous but I think it’s the little details that make a game setting more memorable and tell a story.

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