Old Stuff Day: Singlehanded Admiral Repost

Apparently Bleaseworld has declared “Old Stuff Day” to be March 2nd. Old Stuff Day is a day for bloggers to bring out their old posts of note and republish them for the blogosphere at large. Had I but known! I’ve been blogging for almost a decade, I have plenty to trundle out.

One especially GOOD Old Stuff Day post was from the Singlehanded Admiral, a blog on Naval Gaming I follow. He and some of his mates decided to break out a game of Fletcher Pratt‘s naval rules at some point in the past. If you know anything at all about Fletcher Pratt’s naval game, it doesn’t play well in a confined space, to put it mildly. Pratt’s wargames were played in gymnasiums with 1:1200 scale ships. Lacking a gymnasium, these chaps decided to play the game outside, in a field, in the dead of Winter.

Quote from the post itself:
I had two USN battleships (USS Colorado and Arizona, based on neither ship being at Pearl Harbour on the 7th) while Curt fielded the Kongo and Ise for the IJN, with Sylvain acting as GM. After about 35 minutes of game time (about an hour and a bit of real time) we traded some hits with my eyesight proving superior to Curt’s. He decided to cut and run, which was quite alright with me. I did my running sprinting across King’s Road park chasing down ship logs and turning circles blown away by the gale force winds.

One of the pictures illustrating the blogpost. Visibility must have been a bear in that dead grass.

I’ll let the post finish it up, see the link below– I just got a big kick out of this “blast from the past” and the dedication of these fellows towards good old Fletcher. Well done, lads!

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