Insanely Great news and “Ehhh?” News from Spartan Games…

The INSANELY GREAT news is that if you ever wanted to take the plunge into the exciting hobby of giant fantasy miniature naval combat, NOW IS THE TIME.  Spartan Games is having an Uncharted Seas sale, and GIVING AWAY THEIR RULEBOOK AS A DOWNLOAD.   The “Ehhhh?”  news is that everything is 30% off, and the rulebook (which used to be about 30 simoleons) is FREE.  What message does that send you?  It tells ME that Spartan Games might be sending Uncharted Seas to the back of the rack for a long while.  I certainly hope not.  I’ve noticed a distinct lack of focus on the flagship game from Spartan in the last two years.  A victim of the success of Dystopian Wars, I suppose.   Still, now is indeed the time to invest if you’ve been on the fence.  The rulebook alone is a fantastic boondoggle and I’m going to take advantage of that so I can run games using my Ipad.  I’m in the process of rebuilding some seriously damaged fleets (Dragon Lords/Ralgard) so I might just take advantage of this at some level.  I’d be sad to see Uncharted Seas consigned to the dustbin of hobby history; I’ve had many hours of amusement from it over the years.

HERE’S THE LINK for the sale/download

The mighty Dwarf Fleet Musters for the Battle of Skull Island!