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Love is a Dog From Hell, By Charles Bukowski

I’m a fan of Charles Bukowski’s poetry. As I was a little antsy tonight and trying to exorcise the demon of a raspy voice in the wake of a nasty cold, I decided to put that gravelly voice to good use and record a little Bukowski, from my favorite book of his, LOVE IS A DOG FROM HELL. As usual I posted these at Podbean.com, at my Airy Persiflage site. However, there is no blog post for these recordings because the website automatically associates one audio file with one blog post, and I cut six little audio files tonight. So, without further ado, here are Six Poems from LOVE IS A DOG FROM HELL, by Charles Bukowski, read by your humble narrator.

1. Alone with Everybody

2. Cockroach

3. One for Old Snaggle-tooth

4. Quiet Clean Girls in Gingham Dresses

5. That’s What they Want

6. Who in Hell is Tom Jones?

To play, click the little play button under each title. This is a Flash enabled player so if it’s not working, sorry about that. My only other option was to edit all six little poems into one giant file, and I prefer to post them as six small audio files.

Drawing of writer Charles Bukowski
Drawing of writer Charles Bukowski (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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