Bad Robot Interactive’s ACTION MOVIE FX app

The oddest series of events have been transpiring lately.  I was in Kohls doing a little Christmas shopping and the front foyer of the store got hit by a MIRV strike, obliterating it in smoke and wreckage.  I took the family to Krispee Kremes after the Christmas play and suddenly the giant doughnut vat overflowed with a virtual flood of hot boiling oil!  And then there were these two puzzling events:

A killer robot at the Christmas party!!

An alien invasion at the Sea Scouts holiday party!!

Are we experiencing the end of times? Nope, not really. J.J. Adams’ production company, Bad Robot, has released a very whimsical little app that I’ve grown addicted to lately: ACTION MOVIE FX. Essentially this is a series of digital overlays for shot footage that a budding Irwin Allen can use to add a bizarre element to home footage. You simply point your Ipad camera at something, shoot about 10 seconds of foundation footage, try to hold the camera steady while you switch to Action Movie, and then record a minimum of five seconds of effects shot to hopefully blend over the foundation shot. Splice the two together in IMOVIE and the effect is pretty awesome, even if your foundation and effects shot don’t blend that seamlessly. After all, something awful is about to happen, like an alien attack, or laser bombardment, or a firefight.. wouldn’t the camera shake a little bit?

Title Screen

ACTION MOVIE itself is free, and comes with a bunch of effect overlays that came from video games (apparently). Additional effects (which come in two packs) cost .99 cents. That’s a pretty cheap price for endless entertainment.

Effects modules


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