Shock and Sadness in Connecticut

massacre in CT

Elementary school massacre: 26 dead, including 18 kids, in Connecticut

Today, Ryan Lanza, aged 24, walked into the Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, CT. He was dressed all in black. Ryan, reputedly, pulled out two pistols and started firing into the crowd of students and teachers present, which included his own mother, a Kindegarten teacher at the school. In the ensuing madness, 26 people were murdered, 18 of them children in kindegarten to fourth grade. Among the dead was the alleged shooter’s own mother.

I know that I take a somewhat, er.. sardonic tone in this blog. This is reflective of my personality and sense of humor. I don’t have the heart to do that right now. ‎18 little children were murdered. What did they do, what did anyone do, to deserve such evil? I am revolted and sick at heart. Please, believer or non-believer, find it in your hearts to send thoughts, prayers and good kharma to the families of these murdered innocents today. They’re going to need every ounce of support in the weeks to come.

Words like “Tragedy” just don’t cut it right now. My heart isn’t into the usual gaming and geekery. Pray for the children.

12/15 update: events were still unclear when the above was written yesterday. It appears I was inaccurate due to the deception pulled by younger brother Adam Lanza. Adam used his older brother Ryan’s identification when he went to the school to commit massacre– why, we don’t know. So Ryan’s ID was on Adam’s body. Also, even more tragically, Adam had shot his mother at home before the event. Adam used his mother’s registered firearms to murder the children at school. Those are the facts we know. They only make this tragedy more unfathomable. Why DID Adam go to the school to kill? We’ll likely never know.


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