I’m building a Viking Ship tonight.

My son Gar knows better than to ask too many questions.

“Why are we stopping at Staples, Dad?”
“We’re out of glue”
“Why do we need glue?”
“I’m going to build a Viking Ship tonight”

(Gar nods as if this is the most reasonable response in the world)

Last night, I did receive a package from LASER DREAMWORKS, a one man band operation that makes beautiful 28mm ship kits as well as game tokens and other items. Laser Dreamworks appears to be a one man band with a limited line of kits mostly designed for the Age of Sail era (19th century). I spoke with that one man band (Matthew Green) recently and he commented on expanding the line for Greek and Roman galleys, cogs and ironclads.

We are finishing up a few other projects related to our Kickstarter Project that resulted in our new range of cannon. We expect to have all that wrapped up by the end of the year and I will be able to turn my attention back to some new designs.

I have had several folks ask for both galleys and ironclads and tramp steamers seem to be high on the list as well. I would certainly like to get to all of them eventually. I will probably do a galley first, followed by some kind of modification kit that could turn one of my existing sailing ships into a ACW varient. But if you have something specific in mind, please send me photos! I like to do actuall ships rather than just make something up.

If you do facebook, you can follow Laser Dream Works there and get a glimse of what I am up to at any given time.

The ship kit I ordered was the Viking Long Ship, the LDW kit that appears to be easiest, cheapest and least complex.   It was everything that I wanted it to be.

Viking Longship LDW

Assembled and Painted, from the LDW website

The kit is laser cut bass wood, and already punched so there’s nothing to trim with a knife. The parts have an adhesive film on the back of all four sheets to keep everything in place on the template. The kit comes with one sheet of instructions, which is ample for assembling the Viking Long ship.

Using, really, only a few dabs of white PV glue, construction time was less than a half hour all told.  I went from one template sheet (which you can see punched out in the photos below) to a three dimensional Viking Longship in no time flat.

And the finished product is really beautiful.

I’m going to have to stain it at some point, but I just love the simplicity of the ships’ lines at this point.  See below.



Suggestion: Get the small square bases for your 28mm Vikings.  It’s a little tight across the middle.


The kit I received had like two extra prows and a selection of decorated shields. I could go with the plain ones included in the kit (which you see loose in the photos above), or use the ones with the fancy patterns. I’m going with the fancy patterned ones, but I’m holding off gluing them on so I can paint them properly. Likewise I’m not going to mount the mast permanently, it fits in the hole in the bench snugly enough to be detachable for easy stowage. I suggest that anyone buying this keep it in bubble wrap as the for and aft Dragon head and tail look to be kind of fragile when packed. I think the whole ship with masts down could fit into a shoe box with some padding.

At a piddling 20 USD for this kit, I MORE than feel I have my money’s worth. I bought this as a prop for my SAGA and Viking Looters games, but if the guy from LDW is going to make more in this price and complexity range, I may have to come up with a scenario for fighting Longships or something. WHAT A BARGAIN!

So, in the end, yes, I built a Viking Ship in less than an hour. I’m impressed with the work of Laser Dream Works and hope to get more of their ships.


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