Digital Gonzo extended Lord of the Rings podcasts

The Digital Gonzo is one of those catchall podcasts that covers just about anything but seems to do the best job on films and television.  The show’s format appears to be a panel discussion on the central topic with “Alex” being the central voice, joined by his friends and spouse chiming in.  The show’s “Mission statement” reads as follows:

Gonzo Planet showcases the Digital Gonzo podcast, which takes a deeper look at movies, video games, television, comics, books and many other aspects of geek culture. As well as this there are several other podcasts, an animation documentary series and regular articles published every week. Also every time Alex has a guest spot on another show, it gets logged on this site. And of course come along to our fantastic forum and join the debate.
I’m posting on this because the Digital Gonzo is ramping up to the release of the HOBBIT this Christmas by running a long series of extended podcasts on the Lord of the Rings movies.  This includes Prologues to the movie Series (in Audio, Film and Videogames) as well as the Rankin Bass and Ralph Bakshi films.  Each movie gets dissected into two segments that are about 3 hours long– there is much commentary on the enfolding narrative plus lots of back story information.  I’ve just finished Fellowship 1 and its’ just great.  The level of detail and preparation showered on each show is frankly amazing.  The commentary is intelligent, well written and well ad-libbed.  I recommend them highly.
Fellowship Podcast Part 2

Here’s a link to the shows so far.

The Prologue″

Fellowship Part 1″

Fellowship Part 2″

They are a little long to listen to the entire show streaming like that, but this should give you a flavor for them. Put in on your subscription list on Itunes!

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