reblog: There Will Be Blood (And Tentacles): A Review Of “Arkham Horror”

I personally love playing Arkham Horror and own the base game plus three expansions: Dunwich, Kingsport and the Curse of the Mummy. It can be quite a time commitment to play and thus I don’t see it on the table more than just once in a while, which is a shame.  This post is from the Lovecraft E-zine Blog and I’m reblogging it because I love the game.  

Lovecraft eZine

This post written by Repairer of Reputations.

Vincent Lee’s hand shook as he focused on the gun he was loading.  He gave a shudder when he heard Sister Mary scream.  It was cut off abruptly by a sickening rip the doctor knew to be the tearing of flesh. That was followed by the patter of the nun’s blood raining down on the street.  Lee tried to steel his nerves as he crouched behind the car, but the serpent god Yig let out a roar that made Lee start to tremble violently.  He took a deep breath and thrust out his guns as he stood, unloading both barrels into the Ancient One.  The great snake howled in rage as the bullets struck, leaving a bloody pulp where its eye had been.  Lee saw his opportunity and started to hobble for a nearby doorway.  The beating the monster had already given…

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