repost: DIY Saga Dice

Another fine DIY Saga Dice blog post.  I’m reposting this one from STRICTLY COME WARGAMING.

“Saga dice are an important part of Gripping Beast’s excellent Dark Age skirmish game, but you may have noticed that they are fairly expensive and frequently out of stock on the online store. Never fear, I have a simple, cost effective solution!

First, you will need to order yourself some blank dice. There are loads of suppliers on the internet and they wont cost you very much. I recommend getting some nice big chunky ones (e.g 25mm) as they’re really satisfying to roll.

Next, download the PDF of Saga symbols. You can get them here.

Here you have options:

If you have some of that fancy printer paper for doing sticky labels, simply print off on that, cut out the symbols and stick them straight on.

If (like me) you don’t, print it off on normal paper and cut out the symbols you need. Then, take some clear sticky tape and cut off little squares big enough to overlap the symbol but small enough to fit on the face of the dice. Then stick them to the dice.

The dice in the photo too me about 20 minutes to make and cost a grand total of about £6.50


This might be the easiest approach yet, and probably will be the one I adopt.


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