November 2012 Nurikabe Puzzle

We really need to get another puzzle in, and since I was doing a Nurikabe puzzle this evening, it seemed like a perfect candidate. Nurikabe is another fun Japanese number puzzle that shows up in Japanese newspapers on a regular basis. The game is played by adding numbers to a (usually, but not always) 10 x 10 grid. To play, a grid is provided with numbers. The number represents the number of white spaces contiguous to the numbers. The rest of the spaces are filled with black to represent rivers. The trick is to fit all those little white and black spaces on the grid. Remember the square with the number is inclusive to the count, thus a white square with a 1 in it only takes up one square.

An example of a grid with the numbers, then with the rivers filled in.

This is indeed the tricky part, and the part that reminds me of MS Window’s Minefield. How do you fill in the black part yet allow for a number of white spaces determined by the numbers in the box?

Here are two Nurikabes for you to play with, and we’ll publish the answers in a week or two. Enjoy!

Two Nurikabe puzzles for your puzzling pleasure

Nurikabe animation!

This is an animated GIF of a 10x10 Nurikabe pu...

This is an animated GIF of a 10×10 Nurikabe puzzle depicting a Nurikabe puzzle being solved.

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