New SAGA Viking Warband

Well, I finally jumped in, via a few fortuitous Ebay and Flea Market purchases.  Behold, my first SAGA warband!  These are about 30 figures from Old Glory’s 28mm range with a few Foundry figs mixed in.  I’m very pleased in general but am still looking for a decent War Leader figure.  I might purchase a few onesie and twosie Gripping Beast figures to round out this SAGA warband with some personality figures.   Still, it’s a great start.  I hope to put together either Normans or Anglo Danish next.

SAGA Viking Warband.

I still don’t have SAGA dice but will probably make my own using one of the methods posted about in this blog.

I’m also seriously contemplating buying the kit for a 28mm scaled Viking Longship from Laser Dreamworks to give my Vikings a ship to raid from.  Heck, I’ve always wanted to run Viking Looters, come to think of it.

Viking Longship from Laser Dreamworks.

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