It’s Caption Tuesday!

Okay! I’ll start us all off!
    Quaid… Quaid… Start the reactor, Quaid… Free Mars… Free your miiiiind….. *Trivia points!

    Nancy was intrigued by the possibilities when paired her up with twins on her first date.

    Do NOT, repeat do NOT hold your baby in your lap when beaming up with the transporter.

    Doctor: “What can I do for you today?” Baby: “Doctor, get this man off my ass!”

And there you go!

Hey, I’m sorry I’ve been slow to post in recent months. Not a lot of free time, I’ve been up o it doing HMGS Events for the upcoming FALL IN convention! See you there!

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  1. Great. Work filter finally decides you are not a porn site and I get this.

    Thanks Walt. Thanks a lot.

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