Custom SAGA Dice (again)

I’m liking SAGA a lot, because it’s a smallish scale skirmish game, which is what I like, and it’s Iron Age, which I also like, and really, I’m digging the SAGA dice concept– I’m even putting together a Viking Army and an Anglo Dane army.   The problem I have is a problem (apparently) a lot of people have, the dice are bloody expensive.  I’ve already re-blogged a WordPress post on making custom dice from Meeples and Miniatures.   I may just try this approach to have a “generic set of Saga Dice” for every army.  That will probably work to jump into the game with.  The “color for dice face” approach works but requires the user to compare a color to a symbol, so I’d probably add a few of these reference cards out to Players:

Dice Color Chart

All the factions in SAGA use the same 3-2-1 ratio for their runes. That means 3 faces green, 2 red and one yellow face. By substituting a color for the appropriate rune, you can use these dice for any of the factions. Compare color to runes using this card.

I like the simplicity of the Veni Vedi Vinci approach. You have to do a cross index with every roll, but eventually I suspect it would become second nature.

I’m also really intrigued by this method:

He just isn’t clear what exactly I’m asking them to copy for me at Kinkos. Is this a clear plastic sticky paper?

Since you can get colored dice in 16mm from Koplow, I think, this strikes me as an easy and painless way to get there. I’ll probably go with the color chart method to get started, since I’m lazy.


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