Veva, you little tease, you…

Recently, I got a message from a total stranger on Facebook, by the name of Veva Schrills. She was reasonably ordinary looking, not unpleasant but not a raving beauty either, and sent a request for friendship with this explanation (which is rare enough):

Hi ! I came across your wall,wanted to say hello ok i will tell you a bit more about myself, As far as my personality, I’m very open minded, honest, easy going, definitely a gentle type, and I love to make people laugh.If you’re interested in chatting, feel free to write back when you have the chance. If there’s anything you’d like to know about me, just feel free to ask away as I’m a very open lady.

Now, the TEXT is nothing out of the ordinary, my spam box is full of this kind of stuff, usually with similar language about how she’s a lonely college kid just trying to get ahead, come see her webcam, signup for a dating site, etc.  That’s usually what “I’m very open-minded” means.  The phenomenon is called Camwhoring. It’s been around for a while. What made it odd for me was this was a first for FACEBOOK. AND! someone I know on FB had friended her. I denied her request, asking:

I’m sorry, I’m clueless why you messaged me. Do we know each other somehow?

Then ran a simple google search on the name VEVA SCHRILLS.

All those Vevas!  I feel like I’m cheering on a flamenco dancer!  And look!  most of them are from the same town in Belton, Missouri!  And went to the same high school!  And are members of the same Alumini Org!  And went to the same college, University of Missouri!  All named the same name!

What an astounding coinicidence!

Wow, Veva gets around

The RED arrow was the Veva who messaged me. The yellow arrows are the others that seem very similar. The two without arrows actually might be called Veva Schrills, who knows.

So for the lonely hearts out there, when Veva comes a knocking, I’d ask for some bona fides.

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One response to “Veva, you little tease, you…

  1. That is terrible of you Walt. All of those Vevas, looking for a little human contact, and you go rejecting her out of hand. And we wonder why the machines will try to take us out – I say to you it is because no one “poked” poor Veva.