Looney Labs Hangout: Kickstarter Werewolf, and FLUXX for the IoS!

Everyone’s got a Kickstarter going these days, and Looney Labs is no exception to the rule. They are currently working on publishing a crowd-sourced version of Werewolf with very cool cute little viewers that restrict information leakage about who is a werewolf and who isn’t. I like the idea, but I’m not crazy about the $$ they are asking in donation, so I’ll give it a pass this go-round.

Here’s the Looney Lab people having a “streaming video hangout” on Youtube. The big discussion was on this new version of WEREWOLF.

Andy Looney waxes enthusiastic about the new Kickstarter Werewolf with the cute little viewers.

Kristin Looney mentioned two things of interest at the very end of the Hangout:

1) you can now purchase FLUXX at Target retail stores. That’s HUGE news for a small company and I may just go buy one to support the idea of designer games getting out to conventional retail outlets.

2) Kristin let slip that there is a FLUXX for IOS in the works, and it should land before the end of the year! Not details about whether it’s solitaire or multiplayer or can support the Game Center and Internet play. To be determined, but that’s all good.


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