Your History Moment: A1 Skyraider Low Level Attack

A U.S. Navy Douglas AD-6 Skyraider attack plan...

A U.S. Navy Douglas AD-6 Skyraider attack plane (BuNo 139769, after 1962 A-1H) and an AD-5W early warning aircraft (BuNo 139605?, after 1962 EA-1E) in flight. Note the differences between the two aircraft, both a develpment of the Skyraider design. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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One response to “Your History Moment: A1 Skyraider Low Level Attack

  1. Walt, the old Spad, AD1 Skyraider, was very common throughout the carriers in the Vietnam war until they were retired.
    They were being replaced by the A4 Tinker Toy.
    True Story Alert: the last carrier equipped with the Spad, I think was Intrepid. For the retirement ceremony, the Secretary of the Navy, James Schlesinger was to visit the Decrepit.
    The script called for a Spad and an A4 to flyover the carrier, and while directly overhead, the A4 would kick in afterburner and leave the Spad alone, in the dust.
    Well, like many great planes the AD1 generated a lot of loyalty among its pilots. The commander of the squadron was due to retire in a few months, so decided he had nothing to lose.
    His crewchief scrounged a RATO unit (Rocket Assist TakeOff) and attached it to the boss’ plane. At the climax of the ceremony, the two planes approached the carrier, and the Spad kicked in the RATO seconds before the A4 turned on afterburner.
    The Spad took off like a scared cat and left the A4 behind.
    ComNav AirLant just about swallowed his tongue. Schlesinger was clueless and asked why the Skyraider left the A4 behind?
    The squaddog was able to retire early.