July 2012 Mind-bender Boxes in Boxes

It’s almost all the way through July and we haven’t had one of these yet!  We must fix that promptly.  You probably have seen the “box in box” puzzle before but we’ll throw it out there again.  How many boxes are in this drawing?

How many squares are in this figure?

13 responses to “July 2012 Mind-bender Boxes in Boxes

  1. I come up with 40.

  2. michelle wilosn

    I found 40 as well………..

  3. i can see only 36….

    • Suresh, I’m going to guess that you saw the 4×4, all the 2x2s all the 1x1s, and the 8 smallest ones in the interior boxes, and missed the four 3x3s.

  4. 25 total the L shapes are irregular hexagons and the outer perimeter is a square so there 25 total thats it.

  5. I come up with 43, but I suspect there are more.

  6. Elle Jay how did you get 44? I only see 40!

  7. Ok, so what is the answer

  8. Starting with the Obvious: 8 for the tiny boxes, 16 for the larger boxes, 9 for 4×4 outlines (counting the middle row).. then look at the outline of the smaller 8 boxes, and the boxes formed by the irregular L shapes. Don’t forget the outline of the largest (one) square surrounding the entire thing, too.

  9. The question below the puzzle says “squares” and not boxes so if one counts only the squares then the answer should be 40.

  10. I counted 44