Your History Moment: Royal Navy Toasting memes

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ROYAL NAVY TOASTS: On board RN or Canadian Navy warships, toasts were a daily occurrence in the wardroom.

There was a traditional one for each day of the week, sometimes with a refrain.

  • Monday: “To our ships at sea”
  • Tuesday: “To Our Men”
  • Wednesday: “To Ourselves” (as nobody else cares).
  • Thursday: “A bloody war & a sickly season”
  • Friday: “A Willing Foe and Sea Room”
  • Saturday: “Sweethearts & wives” (May they never meet)
  • Sunday: “Absent Friends”.

Needless to say, much imbibing went on in the Royal Navy messroom back in the days of wooden ships and iron men.  Toasts to the reigning monarch were officially allowed to be drunk sitting down, because of the low-hanging beams in many wardrooms.  Port or wine was passed clockwise from the first lieutenant’s place, after being placed in front of him by the wardroom steward. It could never be raised from the table unless the port was actually being poured into a glass.  Passing it the wrong way leads to another round being bought by the miscreant.


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