Alien Frontiers to be published for the Ipad!

Good news!

I just received the following missive from Kickstarter:

Project Update #9: You Did It!
Backer_white For backers only, Posted by Clever Mojo Games Like
Thank you all for making this project a success. It was a close thing, but y’all did it! Clint is all ready spinning up to full working speed. In the next day or two I will send out the surveys to get a list of what everyone added on to their pledges. The first one-hundred backers who pledged $150 or more will get beta access. There will be a survey question asking for your iPad’s Unique Device Identifier number. You can prepare for this by getting a free app called “My Device ID”. Please DO NOT email that to me…please wait for the survey, then you can just cut and paste it into the answer box. All of the Factions products will be arriving in September, so, if your add-ons included Factions, Faction Pack #1, or the Upgrade Pack, your rewards will ship by the end of Septemer. The pink and gray bit kits are being produced by LocWorks as part of their Alien Frontiers: Aurora project, so I will let you know as soon as those are available. The PDF Art Book will be emailed to everyone as soon as I complete it. I have to admit that the flood of funding in the last two days have caught me off guard. Serves me right for doubting the support of the Alien Frontiers community.

Thanks again! David

That literally went down to the wire– with the Clever Mojo guys entreating us to get word out as best we could over social networks (I did my best on here, and even got some verification that three click throughs from here resulted in donations, which is nice). It didn’t look like it was going to make it, yesterday… And this is an IPad version of THE Kickstarter success story for gaming.  Is Kickstarter mania slowing down somewhat?

Now, me, I just donated enough to get me a copy of this game, so don’t expect me to follow up with a big ol’ gloat about my bonus items. It’s not worth THAT much to me to see Alien Frontiers get made, but enough to pay more than the folks who will soon enjoy seeing it on Itunes who didn’t pay a dime towards its development did. So, yeah, enjoy it, you leeches! This is the second Kickstarter project of mine that has gone fully funded (the other being Battle of the Bulge). And I will surely review it when I get my hands on it.

And a big ol’ high five to my fellow investors. I like this game and will enjoy playing it on the Ipad.

Alien Frontiers, soon to be seen on an Ipad near you.


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