HISTORICON 2012 Guidebook App is now available

The Historical Miniatures Gaming Society (HMGS) is holding our annual Spring convention, HISTORICON 2012, on July 19.  You can get in a big chunk of gaming, and the Guidebook can help.

Just like before every con I make one of these for, this post is a short introduction to Guidebook, how to get it and how to use it for YOUR convention.

Main Menu
HISTORICON 2012 Guidebook Main Menu, on an Ipad 2.

First of, what is GUIDEBOOK?  This is an application, or “App” in modern parlance, that resides on a multitude of mobile devices (Ipad, Ipod, Iphone, Android smartphones, Android Tablets, and there’s even a version for browser enabled phones that can access the web).  GUIDEBOOK maintains a master schedule of every thing going on at a convention, Maps where everything is, general information about the convention,  plus maintaining a custom version of your own schedule that keeps a list of all the things you want to do when you go to a convention.. and reminds you when you when it’s time to do it.  Think of it as your, extremely personalized version of the paper program guide that can store on a handy device, beeps you when it’s time to go to the next item on your schedule and keeps a to-do list for you.

The Convention Information Screen on your HISTORICON 2012 Guidebook. This is where I store useful tidbits like convention hours, prices and directions information. Has links to GOOGLE MAPS, but you’ll need some form of internet connection to make it work.

Guidebook is an application for supporting conventions, trade shows and other events by hosting a version of their event schedules, layouts, maps, and special data lists on a variety of portable platforms– notably the Apple IoS products Iphone, Ipod Touch, Ipad, any Android phone, and any internet enabled phone that can web-browse.  In essence, Guidebook takes the important stuff out of the paper program book you all know and love and puts it on a device you may carry around with you on a regular basis.

Directions on how to get and use GUIDEBOOK

(much of this information is repeated on the HISTORICON 2012 “Landing Page”, which is a new service from Guidebook)

The various links associated with these instructions are located on Guidebook’s GET THE APP webpage

A page from the MASTER SCHEDULE icon containing actual HISTORICON 2012 schedule data. See the colored bars on the left side? They are color coded. RED for Events. GREEN for tournament events, and BLUE for scheduled speakers.  In this listing, Tournament listings are preceded by “TN” and Seminars by “SEM” for easy visual scanning.

If you have an Ipod Touch, Iphone, or Ipad 1 or 2, visit the Itunes App Store, for the Guidebook app.  Download it. Install it.  It’s free.  Then “Search for events” and located HISTORICON 2012.  Download that guide.   There you go, that’s all you need to do.  Start browsing and bookmarking events you want to go to.

This is what a map page looks like. I included maps to all the major rooms HISTORICON 2012 will be utilizing plus a “zoom view” for harder to make out rooms.  Again, that’s a real map from HISTORICON 2012.

If you have an ANDROID phone, go to the Android Store.  Look up GUIDEBOOK. Download the app.  It’s free. Then “Search for events” and located HISTORICON 2012.  Download that guide, and browse away.

This is our vendor listing. It’s pretty simple– just a list with a table number next to the Vendor title. I could add more information per each vendor but I didn’t get anything beyond the names and table assignments. To use this, scan this list for your vendor and switch to the maps collection and look up the vendor hall. Pretty easy stuff.

If you have an INTERNET CAPABLE, but not Android or IoS phone, you can point your phone’s browser to this web link: http://m.guidebook.com  You will see a less graphical interface but it will contain the same amount of information as the other two platforms (IoS and Android).  Even nicer, when you use a web browser phone, it doesn’t count against our download limit.

I published the guide yesterday, and it is currently being proofread by the Guidebook technical folks for final release and download.  You may look at a preview instance of the guide in your web browser in advance, right now.

Simply point your browser to this url: http://m.guidebook.com/1041/  It will probably ask for a preview code.  Type in this: g5b7si2f

You can probably use the preview link above in advance with any browser capable phone.  Anyway, that should contain everything you want to know for HISTORICON 2012– Gaming Events with maps and table numbers, show hours, location, Exhibitors with table numbers, Tournaments, the works.

IF THE INFORMATION CHANGES, up to and DURING the convention, that will be communicated to me by Bill Rutherford, or some other events person, and I will make the changes on the server, which will be communicated to the users as an update to the Guidebook ready for download.  You don’t have to do anything but hit “yes”.

Have fun, and I hope this is useful for you.  I’ll see you at HISTORICON 2012!

* Last Minute Notes:

  1. Katherine DeLeon, the project manager with whom I worked with at Guidebook, gracefully allowed us to use “track group” indexing for free for this HISTORICON.  This is usually something we pay extra for.  So you will see something a little different than the main menu above–  a menu with a red, green and blue dot for Game Events, Tournaments and Speakers.  These choices will be grouped together in those menus.  I think this will be a very useful choice.
  2. I received information for the Hobby University which still may be added in, but the format I received it in was pretty difficult to update from.  If I can sort it out in time, I’ll add it to the guidebook and just allow it to update for you.


I did not program the actual app GUIDEBOOK, just prepared the HISTORICON 2012 data module for free use.  I’m not an employee of Guidebook.com and don’t get paid to endorse them.  Use at your own risk.

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  1. Thanks so much for this. Can you add the SAGA tournament for Thursday the 19th from 12 pm to 9 pm?

    • What is the event number, do you know? Did this get submitted late? The only SAGA event notice I received was “SAGA events” from 11-9pm Thursday. Isn’t that the same thing? Check the guidebook under the green tournaments track, I think it’s there already. I can change the start time if you like.

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