Stand Up Spell Markers: Where to get more

The first testing of “The Magi” has started, and I’ve discovered a need for spell markers to represent durable effects in the game.  I’ve hit upon these stand up circular markers I picked up from a vendor at a HMGS convention.  Does anyone know where I could get more of them?  Color really doesn’t matter, but the size is generally important.   They have to be readable.  As you can see there’s two sides to a spell counter: what everyone else sees and what you see.  As The Magi is a game where players perform actions with limited/imperfect knowledge of what the other player is doing or planning, it becomes imperative to hide what spell has been cast on a Magi player from everyone else, while the player himself would have knowledge of it.  So each marker has an arrow pointing towards the circle on one side (what the public sees) and an arrow moving away from the circle with the word “you” printed in tiny letters on the side of the base (what you, the target of the spell, see).  So you get that imperfect intelligence effect.  Some spells will require several gesture cards to be cast, so will be “building” over several turns.  I won’t need a lot of markers for those, maybe 1 or 2.  But others, like SHIELD in the back there (the 4 green ones in the back) are simple, useful spells that will be cast frequently.  So I have determined I will need more than I thought.  Does anyone out there know where to find these?  I think Koplow was the creator, but it isn’t this item here, that features a circular area the size of a dime (I think).  The ones I am using cost more and are about the size of a quarter.  I could not find them in the Koplow catalog.  Any help is appreciated.

Spell Markers
Spell Markers… from .. Koplow? Chessex?


    • Yep, saw those, but they are not quite the same.. a little larger and no little lip. I’m going with this if nothing else works out, but I don’t want to spend 100+ bucks on a minimum order.

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