Robots and Donuts.. the world of Eric Joyner

The Final Blow

The Final Blow, by Eric Joyner

Robots & Donuts: The Art of Eric JoynerRobots & Donuts: The Art of Eric Joyner by Eric Joyner

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The Collected Works of Eric Joyner (to date) as portrayed in a giant picture book by Dark Horse Press with some essay work by the artist. And what work it is! Page after page of Eric Joyner’s epic whimsy about the tintype robots made in Japan in the Post World War II era marvelously brought to life and animated in all sorts of bizarre situations. In almost every picture, the humble glazed doughnut makes an appearance, either as the object of a ring toss game, part of the architecture, or just “there” in the mise-on-scene, as a prop. My two favorites are THE FINAL BLOW, which departs from tintype robots and features the two eponymous robots from ROCK-EM-SOCK-EM ROBOTS (a game from my childhood) and transports them into a 1950s vintage noir style boxing painting. The other favorite is ROBOT ALONE IN BAR, which features the Robot from Lost in Space, alone.. in a bar. With a donut in front of it. The implication being the Robot is lonely, or has been stood up on a date, perhaps. It’s that crazy juxtaposition of our reality and this loony Robot and Doughnut reality of Mr. Joyner’s that gives this series of painting such a relaxed, wonderful charm. I am happy to have picked up the Complete Robots and Donuts book, it is an addictive browse (I hesitate to use the word “read” here, it’s a picture book). In any event, a visit to Mr. Joyner’s world of cheap robots and sugary snacks comes highly recommended.

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