Digression: Allow me to bloviate

I don’t often speak of the, uhm, real me, the man behind the curtain, as it were.  But if you will allow me, constant reader, to step away from the gaming/history/caustic comment material that is usual fare here and share a couple of significant life milestones that I am inordinately proud of, I would be grateful. Shan’t take but a moment.

First of all, my daughter, Anne, graduated from High School last week.  She will be attending West Virginia University in the Fall.

Go, Anne!

Go, Anne! Welcome to the Working World!

Secondly, my son Gar, at age 13, has achieved the rank of Eagle Scout, as of last nights’ board of review.

Way to go, Garrett!

Obtaining this rank isn’t an easy task.. I’ve posted on the subject before. He has seen it through to the end, after literally years of hard work. Well done, young sir!

One of the worst things a child can hear is the sounds of silence, when they expect an “I love you” or “I’m proud of you” from their parents. I hope I can address this, as best I may.


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