The Art of Battle: Animated Battle Maps

I stumbled across THE ART OF BATTLE website when googling the Battle of Waterloo (today being the anniversary of that great battle), and found a nifty animated battle presentation using the animation features of Powerpoint.  The Art of Battle provides a huge database of battle animation powerpoint presentations as a labor of love (they do ask for donations to defray expenses, which is fair).  The Art of Battle categorizes battles by historical period, then by battle.  Most of the big names are there already, from Antiquity to modern times.  I’m quite impressed with the work that has gone into it.  I like the animations, but I have to wonder how well it will work if you don’t have Microsoft products installed at home (as I don’t).  I’ll need to test the Powerpoint animations with Open Office.

The Battle of Saratoga

The Battle of Saratoga, from The Art of Battle

The website uses a standard icon set which makes these battle animations easy to read and follow. My ONLY criticism would be that I would wish for a more universal format than Powerpoint for the animation. Perhaps there is an easy way to turn the Powerpoint animations into MPGs or Flash animations, who knows.

In any event, if you do have Powerpoint installed on a Windows computer, this site will be quite a treasure for you.



3 responses to “The Art of Battle: Animated Battle Maps

  1. So you know, Open Office seems to have ceased progress because of a split with Oracle. The current Open Source office alternative is an offshoot from Open Office called Libre Office.

  2. That’s a pity, I prefer OO, personally. What is the relationship between Libre and Apache Open Office, do you know? If you google “Open Office”, you get this: which is suddenly now called “Apache Open Office”. I think that’s because they bundle it with most Linux installs.

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