Thank you Hater!

Trolls– we all know them, we all get them (even on here!). They are a regrettable byproduct of the information age. Rather than numbly shrug off mean spirited internet critics, Ms. Isabel Faye and Clever Pie have created a hilarious (and sweet!) response to the purveyors of anonymous internet rage. You really should add this little snippet to your favorites. It made my day.

Warning: the lyrics are quite NSFW, even if they are sung in a sprightly, bubbly style. So put some earplugs in. Sadly, for all the hilarity, Ms. Faye gets it spot on for the most part– particularly for women on the Internet, who are subjected to much more verbal abuse (and much more personalized verbal abuse) then men. A man will be attacked for his ideas as often as women are, but a woman also gets attacked for physical traits on top of the rest.

Enjoy your sweet revenge, Ms. Faye, and to the “haterz”, I say:

Some might say you are a …
Sexually aggressive, racist, homophobe, misogynistic,
Cowardly, illiterate, waste of human skin …
But I say: thank you beautiful stranger!


BTW, the Thank You Hater song is now available:
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