Sun Tzu 2: Bringing the “A” Game for Wargames on the IPad.. maybe

An incredibly tantalizing snippet of video popped up on the Sun Tzu gaming site this week, and now I am in a fever pitch to try it out. Sun Tzu is a PBeM gaming utility, very similar to Cyberboard in execution, for playing hex and cardboard piece games over the net via email. Since the advent of Ipads and Android Tablets, many gamers (including yours truly) have clamored for a Cyberboard-like gaming utility that would allow for the play of existing hex and cardboard piece games over the internet, via Email. For me, this could be the holy grail of gaming. Dale Larson (of Cyberboard fame) has expressed very little interest in any possible port of Cyberboard to the IoS system. VASSAL, the top dog in internet play these days, would be a grueling conversion task (as it relies heavily on Java, which for some reason is still a bad word for the IoS system). And now, in an incredibly succinct answer to the PBeM dreams of Ipad owners, Sun Tzu has released what appears to be a straight port of their utility to the IoS system! There’s not much to go on in the following snippet: no dialogue to speak of, yet we clearly see: a finger sliding along the top of the Ipad, selecting a series of folders with game-sets in them, opening a game-set, bringing up a counter sheet, and placing the counter on the map. This utility has TONS of potential and I’m very excited about the possibilities now.

So keep your eyes peeled. And Sun Tzu? Please, please, please may I have a testing copy to write a review on? Thank you!