The Other Green Hornet Film is viewable online

Growing up, I actually caught the short lived Green Hornet TV show on AFRTS a few times.  I liked him much more than the campy Batman TV show that was on the air at the time– he was grimmer, he didn’t soliloquize about goodness versus evil, he was often misinterpreted as a criminal instead of a hero.   Of course, he had Bruce Lee around to play Kato– and lay down some serious badass foo-kicking from the Sixties, something that was unheard of on the American television of that era.

The Other Green Hornet

The Other Green Hornet. Click to Watch

So when announcements were made that there would be a GREEN HORNET movie some time ago, I had a glimmer of interest.  Then they announced Seth Rogan would be in it.  well, that killed it for me.  No offense to Seth, but the source material wasn’t a comedy, and the resulting movie really sucked.

I was not aware of ANOTHER Green Hornet movie, however, made in France.  It’s short, it’s badass, it plays much closer to the source material than the bloated waste of time that was the Rogan movie.

Check it out on Reservoir Films.

I can’t embed non-Vimeo, non-Youtube films on, so just follow the link above.

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