Now, THAT’s shameless.

Many of us are familiar with shopping for hobby stuff on Ebay.  Heck, i’m guessing it’s a safe bet to assume if you read this blog regularly you likely are familiar with the process.  You probably already know of the practice of deceptive descriptions– cramming in enough buzz words to lure people who have established search categories running at all times to a specific listing is hardly a new thing.  Yet, last night’s gem was so egregious it was laughable.  Under the heading “15mm Science Fiction” which Ebay sends me a digest of sales opportunities on a regular basis, the following item was listed:

 “lot of 4 15mm star wars wargamming republic gun ship ,fantacy,sci-fi,warhammer” (sic)

 lot of 3 items star wars planet landing pad and drop shute to the ground, watch your round based figure spiral to the ground , and a base blaster protective wall for your cover support when your republic gunship  lands ,ships can be put , on either side and a small blockade house —  some of these  items our custom made  and hand painted,

What was that bit about dropping round based troops?  Oh yeah, take a closer look:

A kid's marble game?

So, if I’m reading through the spelling and grammar, the seller is attempting to fob off a children’s marble game as a “15mm dropship” also something that is for “fantacy” and “Sci Fi” and “wargamming” and it’s also from both Star Wars and warhammer? (sic).   I have to hand it to “mikeshardlemonade” (this seller), he has a sense of style.  I don’t think I would have the brio to try to pull something this shameless off, but that’s me.  For a real added treat, survey the rest of his “for sale” items, like the dollar store Easter figurine for 12 dollars!  The man is an artist.


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  1. Dewey LaRochelle

    Not only fantaCy, but right in the middle of evil too! I wonder if he is related to P. T. Barnum.

  2. mikeyahardmomslemonade

    Dear Sir or Madam;
    Not sure who you think you or what you think of yourself? If you think your some kind of administrator or sales person or even a owner of Ebay that has the right to allow a young child to sell his wares at what he feels its true worth is, and to try to stop him in anyway to have the one think he values freedom of choice then I commend you in hurting a disabled child and trying to take away the one thing Mikey has loved since he was 7. I think its not your place to put down any child or anyone for that matter ,to insult or hurt their feeling; for you to even judge a person or my young child of 11 years old for his right as a person to sell and raise money in his own way; to hurt his feelings and by telling the world that my child , that has paralytic polio for years now ,can’t do or raise money to help his single mother out with all his medical expenses, with his amazing talent for arts and crafts and his enjoyment for sci-fiction,I have never told him he’s not good enough, or he can’t do that he does things in his own special way, he has just started selling and of two things he has sold, he has had the greatest feeling of accomplishment and a huge smile on his face, I have never seen before. He has no use of his legs and a hard time breathing , and needs oxygen at times to help him through the day (and you whoever you think you are, have done the great harm to my child, the stress you have been imposing on him has had him have a few panic attacks and has had a hard time breathing, and you and your friends in your club our more then willing to harass, in a cruel manner and/or pick on him because it seems your group of people have no conscious. You did say you speak for all your members, HITLER was a Leader once and he hated niggers, Jews and the handicapped people much like you and your so called club, perhaps you should change the name to the Nazi party miniature club, if you and your club members persist on stocking my child with all your so called club members negativity. I feel if this escalates and if my child hurts himself in anyway not only will I go after the club president that you say you belong to I will also in all my powers as a mother go after the people that have made any statements about my handicapped son and charge them with whatever crime develops of the course. I will make copies and talk to Ebay regards to their harassment polices, and make sure I have on record an accounting of all that have been involved, address and account info has been requested to be recorded if police need to follow up on any further information given ( please check your human rights) before you judge anybody, this is a crippling disease which comes with much pain and slowly shut down movement he is in a wheelchair right now and soon will not be able to paint and glue and do the hobby he loves the most ,and of course I help him with his ideas, and some real clubs like the lions club that has given and encouraged my son. Mikey is always looking for new ideas and as long as he can speak which is slowly becoming harder I will always be behind him and love him for his funny ideas. What would your mother think of you right now? Would she be proud of your actions? If my son hurts himself and is traumatised in anyway, I will hold someone accountable for your poor judgement and actions;
    Also – I would like all involved to retract there comments to my son ,he thought you were complimenting him on his artistic talent, on creating stuff from second hand stores, and too praise a 11 year to keep up the hobby of creation and imagination, that all young people seem to loose. like Mikey always says to me; Mom its hard for me to make a lemon into a strong fighting toy with out a little first aid, like me Mom after I get back from the hospital, I am stronger, So please let there not be a next time ,and keep your criticism to yourself in your own cruel heartless world ,if your a collector then collect what you want and if you don’t want a item then keep your comments to yourself and move on to another seller who has something you want , this is a open e-mailing area for buyers to communicate with sellers their wishing to have a dealing with, not to harass, thanks for your understanding. Mikey’s Mother


    The Miniatures Page
    c/o William G Armintrout
    124 3rd Street
    Waterford, NY 12188

  3. Madam, if I have offended, please accept my apologies. I thought I was dealing with an adult. This is a hobby with strong opinions, and it appeared as if an adult was selling plastic spacemen and dollar store figures for 13 dollars. If I had known the truth, I wouldn’t have posted. No offense to young Mikey was intended or felt. However, the last time I checked, it isn’t a crime to express an opinion about public information either in the United States or Canada, and that is all I have done. I’ll let pass the deliberate insults comparing me and my fellow Hobbyists as “Nazis” as you seem upset. Again, please extend my best wishes to Mikey and I wish him luck with his sales.

    Mister Nizz

  4. Wow. Just wow. Uncle Walt, you are a much nicer man than I am.


    • Well, I certainly try to be nice. If “mike’s mom’s” story is true, then I certainly wouldn’t wish to insult a boy in that condition. If it’s not true, and there certainly are elements of that long reply that I question, such as the use of racial slurs, throwing out the comparisons to Nazis and the fact that polio has all but been eradicated in the Western Hemisphere, etc., but still, why drag out the negative commentary?

  5. Dewey LaRochelle

    So is he Nigerian or from South Asia?

  6. Dewey LaRochelle

    I also find it ironic that I just got an email about the final stages of worldwide polio eradication. The only reason a child in the Western world should have gotten polio in the last 20 years is if their parent did not have them innoculated. There are only a few places to still find wild polio infections, and Nigeria, after a setback is set to drop from the list soon.

  7. That was my understanding as well… the very first thing to make me doubt the veracity of this poster. It’s either a joke, a spoof or performance art.

    From the website, a repost from Canada’s public health site about Polio in Canada:

    From Canada’s public health agency: Epidemiology of Polio in Canada

    In Canada, elimination of indigenous wild poliovirus transmission was certified with the rest of the regions of the Americas in September 1994. Prior to this, polio was present in Canada but cases were mostly located in small clusters of unimmunized individuals. The last major Canadian epidemic occurred in 1959 and resulted in 1,887 paralytic polio cases. In 1978-79, there were 11 paralytic polio cases among unimmunized individuals who had contact with imported cases in religious groups in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. In 1993, 22 asymptomatic cases of imported wild polio infection were found in the same religious group in Alberta, and in 1996 an asymptomatic case was reported in Ontario. In these cases, transmission of poliovirus was limited to the unimmunized groups, presumably due to the high immunization rates in the surrounding population.

    More recent cases of paralytic polio in Canada have been associated with OPV use. Eleven of 12 paralytic cases in Canada reported between 1980 and 1995 were vaccine associated paralytic polio (VAPP). Eight occurred in the contacts of vaccinated persons (3 confirmed and 5 probable), and one was a confirmed vaccine recipient. The remaining two cases were not reviewed but occurred in known contacts of OPV vaccinated children.

    See the following graphic for a graphic depiction of polio eradication progress.

  8. Eric Turner

    Uncle Walt;
    I’m thinking you’ve been, as the Apathy Zombie, I mean my teenaged daughter, says, punk’ed.

    Just guessing. But I’m pretty good about this sort of stuff.

    Well, In’shallah, as those of us who’ve been to OIF sometimes say.

    All the best;

  9. J Womack 94

    Alright, stipulating that the poor kid is handicapped with a terrible disease. I’m sorry for him, I really am.

    Still doesn’t make it right to lie to people in an attempt to mislead them for monetary gain. If, at age 11, he hasn’t the wit to understand that a $1 item from the store is not magically worth $12 on eBay, then I question his ability to actually post something on that website without adult assistance. Which means that mom would be assisting him in doing this and using his disability as a defense. Which is despicable.

  10. I’ll call BS on the mother’s reply. It’s a scam.

    • Aye, likely it is. All we’re doing at this point is getting him/her a ton of hits on Ebay, so he/she should be eternally grateful to me for bringing this seller to public view! Does she see it that way, however? Naaaaaaaaaaaaaahh……