LEGO(tm) OGRE and GEV units

A recent pingback on this blog led me to a page where the author was heavily invested in the concept of building OGRE (the Steve Jackson boardgame) and GEV (the sequel to same) out of somewhat common LEGO blocks. I must have blogged about this at some point in the distant past when someone posted their work on boardgamegeek, or I wouldn’t have a hit on it.  It turns out Dan Efran is doing some lovely work designing and building smaller scale OGRE and GEV vehicles using common Lego bricks.  See:

OGRE III, copyright Dan Efran

And very innovative small fry units, to boot:

Light Tank, Heavy Tank, Superheavy Tank. Copyright Dan Efran

Howitzer. copyright Dan Efran

Mobile Howitzer copyright Efran

GEVs copyright Efran

All very clever, but I’m not AS crazy about the GEV vehicles.  They don’t evoke the visuals of the earlier game nearly as well as the other units do.

Infantry units are simplicty in themselves:

Infantry: 3, 2, and 1 squad tokens. Copyright Efran

For more visual reference, visit Mr. Efran’s page.  He has made a version of everything in the OGRE/GEV/SHOCKWAVE line.  Most of which look like what they are supposed to look like.

I’d like to create an OGRE/GEV game using some of this stuff.  It would be a fun Kid’s Gaming Camp game this year.  I know Gar’s Lego collection probably has all of this stuff several times over but I really don’t want to put in the effort to sort it out.  If there’s a place out there that sells individual LEGO items from a catalog, drop me a line.

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One response to “LEGO(tm) OGRE and GEV units

  1. Dewey LaRochelle

    You can order individual bricks direct from Lego. Lego also has a downloadable brick designer, so you can build stuff online and then order it. They even print a box for it, so you could do the whole army and have it put in a box for you. I would probably do the whole thing as one “build” rather than 100 different boxes, but that is up to you.