Gabba Gabba, one of us! Part 2 TABLETOP Youtube Series

Holy snikies. They are really coming out of the woodwork now. You may recall from an earlier post with a similar title that Robin Williams is a bona-fide famous person that openly loves gaming. Then we discover (though the Dice Tower and Attack of the Show) that Rich Sommer from AMC’s hip “Mad Men” show is a total gameaholic… so much, in fact, that he actually is performing in an occasional stint on Attack of the Show doing boardgame reviews, and guesting on podcasts!

So when I hear that Wil “Don’t be a dick!” Wheaton is going to host his own gaming segment on Felicia Day‘s upcoming premium Youtube channel show, I wasn’t hugely surprised. He definitely seems the type. Catch the promo blurb below.

What’s interesting is the guest stars that appear in the promo segment… hmmm… are we on the verge of a geek pride resurgence? I’m terrible with recognizing actors any more, but a couple of them look familiar (certainly Grant Imahara does). Is our beloved hobby community going mainstream? Well, probably not with a Youtube channel show, but a chap can be hopeful.

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