Return of the 15mm Fantasy Naval project

A long time back I started a project in 15mm fantasy combat. This was slightly different than usual in that all action would take place primarily on the sea. The milieu would be a fantasy world of sorts, featuring standard fantasy races but done with a sense of humor if at all possible. I had not really come up with a good name for it back then, so took to referring to it as “Big Danged Boats”. The name has stuck. I worked on it frenetically for about a year or so a decade ago but got sidetracked by other projects. I had built about three or four standard ships and some dwarfish ironclads and the Deadnought (see below) but this stuff has been languishing in a box for a while. Lately, I’ve felt the urge to run this thing again, so I’ve dusted out the rules I wrote back then, pulled some boats out of the box, and started painting 15mm fantasy naval forces again. Below is my first and second naval crew since the restart, the Gnomes and the Leprechauns. This is not the final hull for the Gnomes; given their depiction in fantasy as Rube Goldberg types, I’m going to create something with a really improbable weapon on board. The miniatures are from Splintered Light, the red hats are melee troops and the brown hats are missile troops.

Gnomish Naval Forces

The Deadnaught

Hull: my galley sally recast (horrid shape) and front castle/catapult made from scraps from a Halloween decoration and bass wood.

I’ll keep posting on it in here. The small, white unpainted figures in the picture above are 15mm hobbits from Splintered Light again. They are going to be my 15mm leprechauns, eventually.

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