Making a PSA for HISTORICON 2012

I got contacted by the BoD of HMGS to put together a little PSA for the cable networks. This would be a 30 second spot (I think) selling the HISTORICON show on the Fredericksburg, VA and surrounding environs cable networks. Of course, we’re all over that idea like stank on a pig, but it does make one wonder.. how do we make one? With a little research, I discovered a couple things. This is NOT the first time we’ve done PSAs. Bob Giglio, former HISTORICON director, had one made for 2010’s HISTORICON show at Valley Forge Convention Center. And secondly, I discovered that my first storyboard concept for 30 seconds actually wasn’t too far off the mark from what Bob’s team had created. So I can’t be that far off the mark. I understand that what we are selling is the games, the miniatures, the terrain, and the camaraderie of this hobby. So I was going to create a very similar 30 second montage with my own voiceover. I may take a more whimsical approach, we’ll see…

I like this one. It works, and is useful, and conveys the idea rather nicely. It should be easy enough to take the same approach.

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