Cold Wars Plans

I’m heading up Thursday for HMGS‘ COLD WARS convention event, in Lancaster PA.  Having entered the entire gaming event list and edited it in Guidebook, I am more familiar than most with the schedule.  There’s a few games that stand out at me.  I have to work around my schedule, so anything Thursday evening is out except maybe the 8PM start games or some open gaming.  I may bring up some Ironclads for B&P ironclads (ad hoc) or maybe the gladiators for Thursday night.

Friday, I’ll be working in the morning as a volunteer and plan on going to see JOHN CARTER OF MARS that evening.  So once I’m done with my shift I’ll either visit the vendors and flea or I will get in a day game.  I like WAR OF THE WORLDS 1898 by Bob Beattie or maybe the GRAF SPEE AND THE GERMAN PACIFIC SQUADRON game, probably the earlier one, because I don’t want to cut the movie too close.

I’ll be working in the morning on Saturday but plan on either doing some shopping or being in a game during the day. It will have to be a quick one, though. I am running a game at 2000 hrs., the BATTLE OF THE STEAM PLUME:

A Game Event

For a description, check out about midway down The Williamsburg Muster AAR post I did in early February.

The only difference will be that I will have the Ralgard fleet online for this battle, although perhaps not the giant war balloon. We’ll see.

Sunday will probably be another dash to the flea, a once-around at the vendors and then to home. Hope to see you all at COLD WARS 2012, I’ll be easy to find in some volunteer capacity, probably the front desk area in the Wheatland room (right hand side, as you enter the hotel).

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