Cold Wars 2012 Guidebook Highlights

COLD WARS 2012 Guidebook App

Here we go again with another Guidebook App for a HMGS convention.  Namely, for Cold Wars 2012.  The interface hasn’t changed overmuch; this post is a quick rundown of the guidebook, what’s what, and how to navigate it.

This presumes you’ve done the necessary steps to get a guidebook on your phone, ipad, ipod touch, etc.  Just reference the previous post for the particulars.

When you open up a guidebook, it will look like this, give or take a few items:

The Main Page

Since HMGS isn’t popping for a Deluxe account, we use the bare bones functionality, and that’s what you see here.

Information page

This is the INFORMATION PAGE. It contains the basic meta-information you need to know about the convention itself– location, address, website, The Host’s website, hours of the convention, any relevant policies, and this year I added some high level information about the Hobby University and Tournaments, since I didn’t have anywhere else to put them.

Map Page, one of many

This is one of the MAP PAGES. I have added a map page for every game room being used in the convention (the Heritage Room is show here), plus the Exhibitor table layout, and the hotel’s own map graphics.

This is how Exhibitor Listings work

Exhibitor Listing

It’s just a straight table, but if vendor provided a website or some other way of contacting him or her on the internet, that is provided by clicking on the vendor name.

Vendor's online information

AND! if there is a wireless, 3G or 4G connection present, click on it and you can take a look at the vendor’s website real quick-like to look something up.

Website link clicked...

Now let’s examine the Events Schedule, which is probably the most important part of the whole thing.

Main Screen

This is the main interface to the Guidebook Schedule. Note the colored bars on the left hand side. This is a graphic indication of a schedule track, which is a grouping of similar events on the schedule– Green for MHU (miniature hobby university), Blue for Gaming Events, Orange for TR (tournaments), and Red for Seminars.

More Scheduled Events

HMGS can’t afford the full up package yet, but tracks can be collected in their own main menu item.. say a collection of tournaments, a collection of MHU, etc.

I added a little graphical coding up top. The classic cliche Dice for a game event, an artist brush for MHU, a lecture for a Seminar, etc. If a well known game system has more than two events on the schedule, I tried to implement something that would be recognizable up top where I could.

A Lecture Event
A Model Hobby University Event
A Tournament Event
A Game Event

The last picture above is an example of a miniatures game event, coincidentally one I will be running at CW 2012. Since there’s a few Uncharted Seas events and the game system is recognizable, I added the logo up top instead of dice.

If you want to create a personal schedule, click the “Add to my events” button on the bottom there. This will bring up the reminder alarm setting:

Setting the alarm for your scheduled event.

You can set this to coincide with your event tickets or pre-registered events at your leisure.

This is where you build your schedule

Well, that’s about it for features in the basic version of Guidebook we use. I hope you can find it useful. There will only be 200 downloads this convention. has dropped the number of downloads from 300 to 200, so we have to be frugal with them.

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  1. It is very cool Walt, very full feature set and the ability to search it is awesome.

  2. Mr. King: I have the metrics somewhere. Downloads: We had somewhere around 245 for HISTORICON and 230ish for FALL IN. I consider the latter a pretty good metric considering I got the data to populate it literally 3 days before the convention, and had NO time to promote the idea beyond a couple of hurried Yahoo group posts and TMP.

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