The Decorah Eagles: Another year, Another clutch of eggs.

The American Bald Eagle is largely monogamous and returns to the same breeding grounds year after year.  You may recall my post on the DECORAH EAGLES last year.  Well, they are back to mate again, and the USTREAM Feed is up and running.

Click to see the Decorah Eagle nest live

I manage to catch the female the other night right in the act of laying what I believe to be her third (and final) egg of the breeding season.  The picture above was captured seconds after she laid the egg.   She appears to be hunching her eagle shoulders and saying “Phewwww” to herself.  In any event, for yet another mental health break, click on the link above and check out the Eagle-Cam from USTREAM.

American Bald Eagle found at Wolf Wilderness a...

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