Civil Service Game Day

Gar and I joined some friends over at the Game Parlor for their so-called “Civil Service Game Day” today.  Gar wanted to play the ROAD KILL RALLY game from Z-Man, which I had no objection to.  Since we had a small table we cut the tile set in half.  This made for a very quick game that went for only an hour or so– maybe too fast, I thought.

Out the gate


Granny is about to face my Napalm Cannon, and give me 50 points!

Final Approach around a rocky bend..

Garrett pulled off the first place by gunning it in the last stretch– he had just enough kills to edge me out by 20 points. The game went quickly and was a great time.

The whole race course

We inaugurated GUARDS, GUARDS! the OTHER game of Ankh Morkhpork, the one not done by Martin Wallace. It’s an interesting game.. you’re playing guardsmen trying to reclaim spells missing from the college of Wizards in the center of the board. This process is complicated by secret societies trying to summon dragons, fate cards causing all sorts of chaos, The Pox, Guilds, and a giant 800 piece of luggage that marches inexorably around the board, trying to flatten people…

The Dragon is summoned when a FATE card is played and the requisite number of members of “The Brotherhood” have been recruited on the board. Dragons are bad news; essentially the city is in four quadrants and the presence of a dragon can effectively shut down one quadrant until it is killed.

I did enjoy the game but I found it is a long slog, and actually would play much better with four players than the two who tried it. The mechanics favor interactivity and two players can be far enough apart that they don’t interact at all during the game. Returning the spells to the Wizard college is almost grueling.. you have to recruit, build up, buy spells, to try to get this hit team together that can get you through every level of challenge until the final roll to get in with the spell. We’ll play faster the next time but the first time went a lot longer than the two hours they advertised.

Final game was CHAOS MARAUDERS, which is an old favorite. We know this game pretty well and nailed it in about 45 minutes.

1000 to 850 points

I won that one handily but it did seesaw back and forth a little. Chaos Marauders is fast and fun and not to be taken seriously.

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2 responses to “Civil Service Game Day

  1. And here I was thinking you were getting together for a match of Bureaucracy….

  2. It’s called “Civil Service Game Day” because two of my game group are in fact Federal Civil Servants, and have an extra day off this weekend for President’s day.