Lightning Review: BRAWL by Cheapass Games

And another fine Lightning Review! This week it’s a game that didn’t get a lot of attention when it came out, so I’m going to pay attention to it now. Namely, BRAWL by Cheapass Games, the app of the real time martial arts card game from Cheapass. I liked it for what it is; a fast, real time and not-very-deep card game simulation.

(I apologize for the audio cut off at the end, as it went over the five minute time limit. I said “So that’s It, thanks for listening to Lightning Review and I recommend you pick this one up!”)

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One response to “Lightning Review: BRAWL by Cheapass Games

  1. Thanks for the review. I’ll pick it up today. I have older eyes as well but it looks like a good waiting room diversion for my kids.