Lego Mindstorm Robotic Competition with Gar

Lego Mindstorms
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I shuffled along with this morning to watch my son Gar participate in his school’s area wide are Lego Mindstorm Robotics competition.  Gar is on his Middle School team and wants to be on the HS team next year when he moves up.  For today’s competition, Gar’s school hosted several other middle schools and two HS teams.  The prize at the HS level was a 3D printer, individual prizes were Mindstorm kits, upgrade kits, t-shirts, and keyhchains.

Gar and Steven Yuck it up
Gar and Steven Yucking it up

Garrett’s team did its very best, but other teams (from Langley) prevailed.  Kudos to the winners!

Course Details

Course Details

Course 2

And wide shot of course

Gar's Robot

The Team Robot

Robot Box

Robot Box.

 Pre-Competition Meeting

Pre-Competition Team meeting

Competing Competition was fierce

Improvising on the Run.
Hurried Controller code crunch
A rather hurried controller code crunch.

Alas, the stars (and maybe the controller code) wasn’t lining up for the Middle School team this competition.  They did not win, nor even place, but they had a great day competing and learning.  And hey, maybe we all learned a little something about ourselves…

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