Hang it all, I need to work on my people skills

Boardgamegeek is currently down for maintenance.  Aldie has a very impressive “We’re down for maintenance” sign.  The link at the bottom sends you to a google group.  I may have been a member at some point in the past.  I clicked on it today, and received this puzzling development:

Banned. Really? I can't imagine what I might have said.

The temporary Google group a person is directed to banned me at some point. That’s quirky! I don’t recall saying much of anything on that group, which is usually just full of posts that are similar to: “Is it up yet? No. Day-um.. I’m jonesing for the Geek!” At least, I don’t recall saying anything anybody got upset over.  I also don’t think Scott Alden, the wizard in chief of BGG, is in the banning and kicking business.. he’s never seemed the kneejerk type.

It’s no big deal, I’ll live without access to a google group of people complaining that a site is down, but angering someone so much they would ban me seems unusual for me.  I guess I’ll never know, since you can’t email the admin of a Google group with a “banned? whaaaaaaaaa?” style email.

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