Northern Virginia hits the big time at last.

PosterI’m sure many of you readers don’t recall my posts of six years ago, on the subject of Northern Virginia‘s own crazed killer legend, the Bunnyman.  If you feel like catching up, run off and read:

Now that you are caught up, I am pleased to notice that someone, somewhere noticed our little errant serial killer (well, myth of a serial killer) the Bunnyman.  Apparently the visual of a crazed axe wielding murderer in a bunny suit was too hard for the entertainment industry to resist, and they made a movie about him.

Click here for the BUNNYMAN trailer on Youtube. 

(the embedded version was hanging up the browser for some reason)

Of course, the locale looks more like Oregon instead of Northern Virginia.  In every respect, this movie is about as horrific as you would expect out of a low budget scare flick, with distinctive 80’s style horror tropes, including:

  • The gang of stupid young people on a car trip
  • Crazed killer in mask
  • Somebody’s oversexed
  • Somebody’s an insensitive jerk
  • Somebody’s sensible and sensitive, and of course, sympathetic
  • The hillbillies are sullen, hostile and oversexed
  • People walk off by themselves so they are easy to kill
  • Lots and lots of screaming
  • A Chainsaw.. of course
  • A woman is the last one left
  • The Serial Killer listens to classical music on a record player

You know the drill.  It’s poorly lit, poorly shot, the dialogue is terrible, and the action sequences are laughably bad.  There’s some car vs. truck sequences early on in the film, stolen directly from THE DUEL, and they are shot at what appears to be 14 miles an hour.  At one point, one of the stupid people is under the car “fixing” something that inexplicably broke (they cut something out, it’s not quite explained what happened).  The truck drives slowly up and literally taps the bumper, it’s not even dented very hard.  This apparently kills the dude under the car instantly and obviously, as his friends look under, get up and just walk away.  You didn’t even check for a pulse?  Reach for a car jack and try to get his body out?  Really??  The rest of the movie is entirely predictable along these lines, with an attempt at a couple of twists  and very lame jump scares.  It’s not scary, it’s not even particularly in the category of “so bad it’s good”, but it IS based on Northern Virginia’s home boy, so it was worth one viewing.  AND ONLY ONE VIEWING!!! (and only if you are from Northern Virginia).  Friends… can I call you friends?  If you want to watch a movie excellent in every respect that mocks movies like this, seek out the Anti-Gore film, Tucker and Dale versus Evil, which I think is still available for rental on Itunes.  You will not regret it.

The "Bunny Man Bridge", an example o...

The REAL Bunnyman Bridge, located only a few miles from my house. Image via Wikipedia

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2 responses to “Northern Virginia hits the big time at last.

  1. Dewey LaRochelle

    Walt, the trailer description says the are in “remote part of Southern California” even though they stole our Bunnyman.

    I may need to watch this one. I love the “we need to go apologize” and then only one girl goes to the truck. It is a shame that car can’t outrun a broken down truck. Definitely from The Duel.

  2. Ah, I didn’t catch that bit. Flash is being a bit problematic with WordPress lately. Dewey, this movie is *loaded* with brain-achingly bad moments like the one you describe; at one point, the two requisite survivors are trying to escape and they manage to boost what appears to be a Ford 250 pickup truck. That old broken down truck from the movie trailer catches up with them and they have the “stunning denouement” moment of the film. Of course I had checked out my sense of credulity some time before this, but it came roaring back at that moment.. “REALLY… an EIGHT CYLINDER PICKUP TRUCK OF RECENT VINTAGE CAN’T OUTRUN THIS OLD BEAT UP CHEVY FLATBED ON A WINDY ROAD.. REALLY?????” Like I said above, it’s only worth a glance because of the bunnyman reference.. as a film, it is utter dreck.