You need to tell me your Blues Name.

Every day I got the blues…..

Robert Johnson

Legendary Blues Performer Robert Johnson, who didn't have a quaint blues name.

A good blues name always has a physical disability, a fruit, and a dead president’s name in it. A recent snippet in the paper codified this principle into a handy tool for generating blues musician names.

Attached is a link to a spreadsheet I redid, based on a very blurry photograph that was cut out of the newspaper. I’ve got it shared out in, so if you have MS Office or Open Office, it should open up on your machine.

Handy Visual Aid


It’s pretty self-descriptive.  Take the first initials of your first, middle and last names and apply them to the labeled sections on the spreadsheet.  Then you have the complete name.  Enjoy.  And for the record, my Blues name is “Screaming’ Bones King” using this utility.  Feel free to post yours in the comments box.

The blues musician Blind Willie Johnson

Blind Willie Jackson, Image via Wikipedia

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