Conflict of Heroes on the Ipad. Hey, Uwe, check it out!

I saw this mentioned on Facebook the other day and immediately got excited by the idea. Here’s another REAL WARGAME on the Ipad. Conflict of Heroes is a tactical wargame system set primarily in World War 2, in the close tactical scale. The game is amazingly simple to play but has many interesting, almost Euro like touches. CoH is a great candidate to be an Ipad Wargame due to the introductory nature of the design.

I certainly hope that Uwe Eikert takes notice of this app and considers releasing it as a commercial product. There’s money in them thar hills, Uwe!

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3 responses to “Conflict of Heroes on the Ipad. Hey, Uwe, check it out!

  1. Out of my little group of friends, no one likes to play these types of games, so I end up playing solo all the time. These apple apps seem fun and useful (I have a few tackle boxes filled with chits from various games), but I’m wondering if you know of any android apps which are just as good?

  2. Hello, El Chino. Thanks for dropping in. Sadly Android boardgame conversions have been disappointing and have lagged far behind the explosion of Ipad IoS conversions. I do know that Reiner Knizia has been interested in this market and has released Ingenious and Through the Desert, which are great titles. FFG’s Hey, that’s my Fish! and Elder Signs: Omens are both on the Android, FWIW. There’s also a Carcassone app, which I strongly recommend. There’s a Settlers of Cataan app, but I’m not thrilled with the IoS version so I can’t recommend it.

    If you are looking for specifically military simulations, do a search (on this blog) for a post on DK Simulations, he seems to be a one man band ATM, and he’s producing wargames for the android with a look similar to 90s era DOS wargames. I’ve bought a few, they don’t disappoint. There’s also a guy named Joni Nuutinen that puts out a series of strategic level wargems, I’ve bought his Barbarossa app. Not bad.

    I’ve noticed a ton of so-called helper apps for famous games on the Android marketplace.. from a shuffling program for Rattus, to a way of setting up the board for Settlers, to a Monopoly money manager, and so on. This makes me guess that the copyright holders are reluctant to jump into the Android app marketplace for various reasons, but will okay the sale of helper apps to their games. as it doesn’t compete directly with the boardgame source material or the IoS market, which is heavily regulated through Apple. Hope that helps somewhat.

  3. While I don’t have a tablet of my own yet (I’m aiming for an Asus Transformer), it’s on my short term to-buy list. My friends and I play quite a few boardgames and I see the value in those helper apps, so I wish more publishers/producers hop onto Android (I have an unhealthy dislike of Apple).

    However, when I do pick up my tablet (or new Android phone), I’ll be sure to grab some apps from DK Simulations!